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Address validation with Avalara

I’m piloting an xTuple 5.0_RC upgrade. I’ve enrolled with Avalara and I’ve configured it within xTuple. It is returning good sales tax information for my test sales orders.

I’m using the info at https://xtupleuniversity.xtuple.com/library/articles/avalara-tax-service-integration
as a guide for how to use and configure the integration. On the above referenced article is a screen shot of a sample order. There is also a line that says: “Notice that xTuple provides a validation feature with every address cluster.” There is then a reference to a “Check” button.

On my client I do not have a “Check” button. I’m attaching a screen snippet from my client. Am I missing some configuration item?



The CHECK button is added by the address validation extension. That’s being documented as we speak type. You should be able to download the extension’s Updater package from xtuple.org.


Thanks Gil. That was exactly the info I needed.