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Adding T&C's to a document

Is there an easy way to add Terms and Conditions to a document? I have a customer with 4 pages of "boilerplate" type T&C's plus a credit app that is required for each quote. They would like to be able to print the quote and these documents at one time. Labels in OpenReports only provide a one line without text wrapping. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Hi Michienzi,

The metasql is just the query you add to the report. Jim is just suggesting you to add a new query block to the Query List (Document > Query Sources.. > Add), and them insert a field in the report that uses the values from that query source


Thank you. I'll give this a try. I had also tried to add it as an image but it didn't seem to work well. Thank you for all your help!!

Hi Jim,

I had tried with that also that but the alignment of the text wasn't the best so I opted for the adding the T&C's as an image. Since the files ended up being too heavy I change the approach and now we just include a link to our web.


Could you write the T&C in a document, then take a screenshot and place the picture in the report?


I had a similar requriement, but it varied not by customer, etc., but by the items on the invoice.  I couldn't find a way to shoehorn it into OpenRPT, so I ended up with a hacky bash script.  Its worked for three years now, but I'd call it far from ideal, so I'm interested if anyone has other suggestions.

And if you need a hacky script, I'm happy to share, just say the word.

Hi Dustin,

I was adding the T&C as an image but for some reason the .pdf's were ridiculously heavy. Are you having the experience with your method? Could you share your script with me?



Hi Dustin, thanks for your reply. I did try to add them as an image but that did not work. If you have a script you could share that would be great. I am not technical so maybe an explanation as to where the script should go would be welcome. The T&C's are not unique to an item or a customer and I have them as a word document and as PDF. Thank you for your help!

An approach that I have used in the past is to create a metasql  which returns the terms and conditions.  Then you could simple add a text field in the report definition which references this metasql.


The query would simply look like this:


SELECT 'This is the terms and conditions for a sales order

and the sales order will be governed ny these terms

more more more

more more more'  As termsblock1


Then you can use sections in the report to control the page break.

The the item field can be sized to fit the text to be present.  Please not in my example the new line is maintained as part of the text string.




Thank for the reply Jim. I am not very technical so not sure how to add a metasql. This definitely sounds like the best way. Can you elaborate on how to add the metasql?

Sorry for the slow reply, for some reason, I didn't get an email telling me of your reply.  Just happened to look at the forum again today. 

Sounds like you guys have found a better way anyway.

I noticed someone in another thread mentioned adding their engineering drawings as an image on the item, and then using the images in their Work Orders.  Not sure why that didn't occur to me when I did this.  It makes much more sense than what I did.  In fact, I'll likely go back and do that.