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Adding Project Name & Number on Quote & Sales Order Report


I just recently installed the Postbook version of xTuple and currently working on designing a report (currently the Quote and SO Report). I am trying to show the project number as well as the project name (taken from Relationship Tab of both Quote and Sales Order). I would like to seek help how can I add these information.

Thanks and looking forward for your response…

You need to join the Quote and/or SO header table to the project table. Here is an example:

select quhead_number, prj_number, prj_name
from quhead
join prj ON prj_id=quhead_prj_id

Sales Orders
select cohead_number, prj_number, prj_name
from cohead
join prj ON prj_id=cohead_prj_id

Thanks for the support Anderson. I already figure it out and been able to complete the report…

We have a live-instruction online course coming up on June 15 that may help: Custom Reporting: SSQL Report Writer for Open Source ERP

Hi Missy, thanks for the the info. I will check and try to enroll to this course…