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Add Second Page To Invoice Report

We are wanting to add a Terms and Conditions section to our invoices. It is a full page of text. I can not get OpenRPT to allow me to create a second page for it go on. I also can not figure out how to get that much text into OpenRPT. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Mkitter, wondering if you have a suggestion on doing this on every other page?  In other words, we want to print something on the back page of our invoice by printing duplex.

I ended up with a hacky workaround involving a bash script, but would rather do it in a more "native" way.

I have done similar with other reports.

I create a new section (forced page break) and then just put a series of label fields on the page.  Each label contains a paragraph or so.

This is the simplest technique. 

I have also put text fields into the queries, usually with CASE statements.  For example, if the tax zone on the sales order is "A" then a text statement for "A" prints.  If the tax zone is "B", a statement for "B" prints.