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Add Menu

I am using xTuple 5.0 and the client is the Jan 11, 2019 release

I have a grid and added a menu to the grid when right clicking

var viewAccountMenu = toolbox.menuAddAction(pMenu, qsTr(“View Employer Account”), true);

The menu appears on a right click and I can display the required screen

When we updated to the Mar 7, 2019 release, the menu is no longer displayed on a right click

So I wen to the debugger and the debugger threw an error at my menuAddAction
So looked up the toolbox class and found NO menuAddAction or menuAddMenu functions.
The only menu function available was the menuActionCount.

So is they are different way to add the menu action?

I am using the reference


Do you have a reference for version 5?

Thank you


Answer my own question, it seems what you have to do now is

function populateEmployerMenu(pMenu, pItem, pCol)
//var viewAccountMenu = toolbox.menuAddMenu(pMenu, qsTr(“View Insurance Account”), true);
var viewAccountMenu = pMenu.addAction(qsTr(“View Insurance Account…”))

use pMenu add action, this works


See the article on piloting 5.0.0, in particular the references to the deprecatedtb extension. Also the documentation for the script toolbox, says that this method is deprecated (going way back) and suggests the alternative that you found.


Thank you Gil, that will save you and me a lot of tine