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Add Lot/Serial And Shiphead to parameter widget

I know this is a simple question but for some reason I cant figure out how to add lot serial or shipment to a parameter widget, in the way that I would add sales order.
_parameterWidget.append(qsTr(“Sales Order”),“cohead_id”,ParameterWidget.SalesOrder)

I know that I can get this done with a combo box but that does not accomplish what I want. Its slow on performance and It lacks the UI element that the user can get with sales ParameterWidget.SalesOrder


Use either a combobox or a multiselect. The list of filtering widgets that can go into a parameter widget is hardcoded so you don’t have many options. Neither Shipment nor Lot/Serial are on the list of available options.


I was afraid that might be the case. No matter, I can simply put the widgets on the screen and not use them in the ParameterWidget. Thanks for your speedy reply