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Across company journals

Our COA has 2 companies. There are times when funds need to be moved from one company to the other. Generally a “Due To/From” account is used for this purpose. I am unable to create a journal entry to move funds using this account. I get the message below.

I have set the metric value IgnoreCompany to true but the glSeriesITem.cpp is also check the length of the company segment.

What transaction can be used to facilitate the fund transfer?

An individual xTuple database is not multi-company. Typically you would have separate databases to run the different companies transactionally and those databases would only hold a single company in the chart of accounts. Transactions between those systems would be done in a manner normal for interacting with external companies (vouchers/invoices etc).

The reason you can set up multiple companies inside a single database is we have the ability to pull in external company G/L transactions into a Consolidation system. So you would set up a third database and do Financial Consolidations inside that system.

We can not separate the companies. The accounts and services are shared between the two. Would Debit and Credit memos work?

I am thinking that I could setup accounts for both companies as both Customer and Vendor. Then do misc. memos between them. I am going to give that a try.

That will not work - you simply cannot post a G/L transaction, regardless of how it is initiated, within the same database. You can post a Debit memo in one company database and an opposing entry in the other company database, just not within the same database.

Would the GL work better if they were profit centers?

That would be a reasonable option. Profit Centers were intended for say Divisions in a Company such as Product Sales and Servicing, but if your company structure is simple enough then you can post between Profit Centers and you can report on Profit Centers separately in the Financial Reports

By george that may do it. Thanks!