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A video for xtuple


I am currently using Postbooks edition and am looking to demo the usage of Postbooks for about 50 professionals bu I cant seem to find a video that ties in the whole erp concept with xtuple. I understand that I could just use an ERP video from any website, but I would like to know if there are any videos that I could use that show specifically xtuple adding value to a company(like testimonials, or at least some examples were xtuple technology bridges the gap).
Any information leading to finding a video will help. If you just dont want to show me the link of the video in this forum, please PM me.


Hi, Zeus:

Have you seen our video library? Hopefully you can find something useful there:



yes, and the videos that I have been through seem very thorough and educational. However, I am looking to provide something that is more general, and maybe using part of some videos as an example to cover the concept of xtuple, but I would like to see specific information on how xtuple has paid off in organizations.
In other words introduce xtuple as an ERP tool(the closest i’ve seen to such is the flash demo in the homepage).