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6.0.3 Displays

Is there any way to go back to the old xTuple displays in 6.0.3?
In the new voucher screen, it displays the form in the windows format.

I dont see any setting is the System Setup.

Thank you


Hi Bob,
I’m sure some of the xTuple people could give you a better answer but I’ll let you know what I’ve found.

There is no setting within System Setup that will change that form. However I’ve found that in version 6.0.6 the “item” screens have been reverted to the pre 6.0 forms. I also just looked at the voucher screen and it appears to also be the “old” style form layout.


Thanks Jim,

I am still on 6.0.3 and I am tempted to add a script to the voucher screen to try to override the windows format.