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4.12-RC Launch?

Has anyone been able to get 4.12 RC working? Should I even Spend My time on it? Looks like 5.0 Is being pushed very hard right now.

My current problem for 4.12 is that the client never shows the main window. My last debugger error is this

Uncaught exception at initMenu:71: TypeError: Result of expression 'mainwindow.showTopLevel' [undefined] is not a function. 71 var _desktopParent = mainwindow.showTopLevel() ? mainwindow : null;

This is from the statement

var _desktopParent = mainwindow.showTopLevel() ? mainwindow : null;

I updated all of the packages that I know of. This is for Xtuple 4.12 Running On PostgreSQL 9.6

What version of xtdesktop do you have installed? 4.0.14 addresses this, if you haven’t updated to that version yet.

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Applying the desktop package fixed most of the problems I was experiencing. I am wrestling with opening the Preferences screen on a Windows 2012 R2 server. Works fine on Mac. I was hoping to test it on another machine later today.

What platform are you testing this on?

The preferences screen is also fixed by that version, and there is an xtdash update which fixes the same issue (both packages looked for a widget on that screen in order to add their own widgets, and that widget is removed in 4.12)

I applied the xtdash update and it fixed it. I actually had to update my nodejsshim package as well. That’s an easy one to forget about.

Caleb, I would suggest applying the following:

xtdesktop 4.0.14
nodejsshim 1.0.2
xtdash 1.0.4

Thanks David…

I eneded up missing the xtdesktop somewhere in my updating process. Its all good now Thanks for the help. Also any insight as to weather or not I should just be looking at 5.0?

Version 4.12 is a more incremental update of smaller features. Both 4.12 and 5.0 should include the same bug fixes so no major differences there.

Version 5.0 is a big upgrade and substantially changes a couple of important areas - CRM and Taxation. If you are interested in enhanced CRM functionality or interested in integration with the Avalara taxation service then version 5.0 is the right option, otherwise you can take the more conservative approach and upgrade to 4.12.

At some stage the 4.12 path will end and you will have to upgrade to the 5.x path, but at this stage there are two options for you, and the correct choice depends on your type of business, and the impact that a major upgrade might have on that business.

Whatever your choice, make sure you back up your database first, do a mock upgrade and then test all of your important transactions and business processes. If you find any issues, please assist us by raising an bug in the Issue register for us to investigate and resolve (based on priorities of course). When you are comfortable that all processes are working you can consider an actual upgrade of your production system.

We are running 4.12rc with 15 users. It still has some bugs, but is a vast improvement over 4.11.3. Looking forward to 4.12 final

Initial testing was petty good for us as well. I am excited about the new release of 4.12 Final. But I have had a but of trouble getting my RC database to update. Do I need to update from a 4.11 or older instance?

My error is this

The following error was encountered while trying to import xTuple.es_ar.qm into the database: QPSQL: Unable to create query ERROR: insert or update on table "dict" violates foreign key constraint "dict_lang_id_fkey" DETAIL: Key (dict_lang_id)=(-1) is not present in table "lang". (23503) The upgrade has been aborted due to an error and your database was rolled back to the state it was in when the upgrade was initiated.

I remember a Fix country package for 5.0. Do I need to put that on 4.12?

I found the solution today https://www.xtuple.org/xtincident/view/bugs/35058
I had deleted countries offhandedly for no reason and that can create a random problem.