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4.10 date?

Is there a new date forecast for availability of 4.10?

The website still says Q2. Support tells me September. Would sure like to know, because we are new and don;t really want to write company-wide procedures twice.

The Release Candidate of 4.10 is in pre-release testing at this moment, and should be available next week.  The final release should be available in mid to late September.

I see 4.10 being advertised. Is the final release out?

Same question, two weeks later with no response.

I check the download area every couple of weeks.   I'm a commercial customer and all I can tell you is the only files available to me right now are still the release candidate files.

So I think the answer is "no not yet" but hopefully somebody with more knowledge about when the final release will be published can answer more completely.

I downloaded the release candidate last week and converted a backup database but I had some issues where windows would open without the OS frame.   So there was no ability to minimize, drag, resize, close, etc those particular dialog boxes.    I didn't spend enough time to know if it was an issue with the RC or something else.   I think I'll try to make a call to xTuple since I'm paying maintenance and if I get a better answer, I'll post it here.






We also noticed the Window sticks to the top of the screen and will not move or resize. The workaround is to click and drag the right edge of the window. It unsticks and acts normally after that.



I wouldn't rush them into releasing the new version since there are major changes on 4.10.0 and I think we all agree it's better to have a reliable version... 


I fired up 4.10 and you are correct.   I can drag the corner around and it puts the OS window around the frame and then I can drag it.

So if that is a 4.10RC issue that gets fixed in 4.10 final, I will just wait for the final to do anything more than testing.

I couldn't give that to my small group of 4 or 5 users and expect them to deal with that unless it had some other significant bugs that it fixed.

I'll try to give xTuple a call and will post here if I get any info about when to expect the final release or whether that window behavior is an issue with the RC or maybe both our install/configuration somehow.




I agree no need to rush anything. Just would like some status so we can plan deployment and training.


Sorry for the delay in our response to this question. We've been hard at work finalizing the 4.10.0 release and have not been able to answer you with a official date. Since the 4.10.0RC release, we have received feedback on a few bug fixes that were needed to ensure 4.10.0 is a stable product for our end users.

We have also been addressing some issues with one of the exciting new features in 4.10.0, Workflow. Since it's a new feature, we want to make sure we run it through its paces and it's up to our quality of standards before we finalize the release of 4.10.0.

We are really looking forward to getting this release to all of you. Thank you for your continued patience. We are currently expecting to release 4.10.0 at the end of this week.

If you were paying close attention, we did tag 4.10.0 Final last Friday. This week we finished up the release process and officially announced it today:


Great news! Looking forward to giving it a test drive.